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Service Terms and Disclaimer

General Information

Our services are designed to assist with various IT-related needs, including but not limited to, system analysis, troubleshooting, and general technology advice.  Tech Patrol is a registered DBA for Bravo Alpha Sierra Consulting, LLC.

Limitation of Liability

Tech Patrol shall not be responsible for any data loss, data breaches, or computer virus/malware infections that may occur. While we strive to provide the highest quality of service, due to the ever-evolving nature of technology and the inherent risks associated with digital data, complete immunity from such incidents cannot be guaranteed.


No Warranty or Guarantee

The advice and strategies provided by Tech Patrol may not be suitable for every situation. Our services are offered without any warranty or guarantee of specific results. Tech Patrol disclaims all warranties, either express or implied, including but not limited to implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.


Data Protection and Security

Tech Patrol endeavors to adhere to best practices in data protection and security. However, we cannot guarantee the security of any information transmitted to or from our services. Clients are responsible for safeguarding their data, including implementing adequate cybersecurity measures.


Client Responsibility

Clients are responsible for the decisions they make based on the guidance provided by Tech Patrol. This includes ensuring that any changes to their systems or IT infrastructure comply with applicable laws and regulations.

Insurance Recommendation

In today's digital age, the threat landscape is constantly evolving, with ransomware attacks and other cyber threats posing significant risks to businesses of all sizes. While Tech Patrol is committed to providing the highest level of service to enhance your cybersecurity posture, no system can be entirely immune to such risks. Therefore, we strongly recommend that our clients consider obtaining ransomware insurance or other relevant technology insurance policies. These policies can provide an additional layer of financial protection and peace of mind in the event of any technology incident. Please consult with an insurance professional to determine the coverage that best suits your business needs.

User Data and Privacy

Tech Patrol is committed to protecting the privacy and security of our clients' information. We do not sell or otherwise monetize our clients' data. The contact information provided by our clients is used exclusively for the purpose of direct communication related to the services we offer. We ensure that this information is handled in accordance with relevant privacy laws and standards.

Changes to Disclaimer

Tech Patrol reserves the right to modify this disclaimer at any time. We recommend that clients periodically review this disclaimer to stay informed of any changes.  Last updated February 5, 2024.

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